Savannah Forest Office

Savannah Road
Independence Village
Stann Creek District
Telephone/Fax Number: 533-3014



Savannah Forest Station is located on the Savannah road approximately three miles before reaching Independence Village, Stann Creek District. This range covers from Silk Grass, Stann Creek District to Deep River, Toledo district, making it the second largest administrative range. Presently the range has a cadre of one Forest Officer, three Foresters as well as two watchmen, one caretaker and an office cleaner.

The role of the Savannah office is to ensure that the Forest Department mandate is maintained, as such work is structured under three strategic areas: sustainable forest management, wildlife management and protected areas management.

Under sustainable forest management, petty permits, short term and long term concessions are monitored. Under its administration the Savannah Range has two long term licenses; these are The Wood Stop and Thomas Gomez & Sons Ltd for the Southern Coastal Plains and the Deep River Forest Reserve, respectively. The office also issues petty permit for both timber and non-timber forest products. Chainsaw permits are also issued to individuals that meet the requirements for such. Under this program, site inspections are carried out for developments or projects that require mangrove clearance

The wildlife management functions has concentrated mostly on the ongoing “Parrot Registration Program”. Applications are received and follow-up visits and inspections are carried out to ensure proper animal handling, health and safety. Where permits are issued, these parrots are further banded and registered with a unique identification number. In addressing hunting and dealing of game meat, visits to restaurants and food stalls have been conducted. Thus far the visits are mainly to inform persons/owners of hunting permits and dealer’s license that are needed for such activity.

In relation to protected areas management, the focus is mostly in planning and coordination sessions, patrols and other joint ventures with our co-managers and key stakeholders. The relationship among the staff, stakeholders and local communities are also being strengthen thru active participation and joint collaboration where it is possible.

Public awareness, compliance monitoring and law enforcement also form a critical role in the range since these are cross cutting issues under the three programs. As such we have focused ourselves in doing public meetings in several villages, school presentations and routine inspections in identified hotspots.

In 2015 the Savannah staff ventured into its first of a kind “Savannah Summer Camp” with the theme “Shaping Young Minds for a Greener Future”. The camp had a duration of one week (July 6th, – 10th, 2015). This was both an educational and fun camp where we had the participation of fifty eight kids ranging from ages five to twelve. The target audience was the surrounding villages of Red Bank, Trio, San Roman, Santa Rosa, Maya Mopan and Independence village. The main objective of the camp was to educate kids from an early age on the importance of forest management and how this contributes to our livelihoods.  The first day was the grand inauguration and the ice-breaker where activities were focused on building team spirit. Thereafter, a day was dedicated to each of the main programs; the last day was dedicated to a closing ceremony where the participants were handed certificates of participation. A  Junior Forest Guard badge was conferred upon them as a form of commitment to continue the good practice and information sharing on what was learnt during the week of camp