San Ignacio Forest Office

Corner of Buena Vista and Melado Street
San Ignacio, Cayo District
Telephone/Fax Number: 804-3280



The function of the San Ignacio Office is to ensure that the Forest Department’s mandate is maintained. The District Office is structured under three strategic areas: sustainable forest management, wildlife management and protected areas management. This structure supports the national structure and aligns to the national programmatic structure of the Department.

In order to promote forest sustainability and the importance of forests, the San Ignacio Range has constructed and manages its very own nursery. The nursery houses approximately 9 different species: Cabbage Bark, Rain Tree, Water Sapodilla, Teak, Sapodilla, Ramon, Mayflower, Mahogany and Balsam. The nursery was established to support education and awareness efforts. Seedlings are donated to schools after educational presentations are made, or upon request by the schools. This helps to engage school level children on a more hands-on learning experience on the importance of forests and how they can be a part of protecting the environment.