Wildlife Conservation Program (WCP)

The Wildlife Program aims for the protection, conservation and sustainable use of all wildlife species in Belize. Wildlife forms an integral part in ecosystems, from being part of the food chain to contribution in dispersal of seeds in the forest. At all levels, their input helps balance and maintain ecosystem functions. The protection of all wildlife includes its entire niche (biotic and abiotic factors) upon which species depend on for its survival. An integral component of wildlife management, is the integration of the needs of people and communities. This is done through the utilization of scientific information to inform our laws, policies and strategies that comprises the legal and technical support for wildlife management.

The Wildlife Program functions under the legal authority provided by the Wildlife Protection Act. This Act provides the authority to place regulations for use and restrictions of use, wildlife dealing, research, import and export, amongst other things related to the proper management of Belize’s wildlife. Administratively, the Program functions under thematic areas in order to ensure that all wildlife issues are incorporated and addressed. The main thematic areas are described below, these have been created based on the need and demand from the general public.